Building Energy Security Through Innovation

Ryan Herman

Energy security has been in the news a lot latelyespecially here in Europe. Governments across the continent are struggling to answer questions on how people will heat their homes, power businesses, and keep the lights on this winter.

There are solutionsbuilding more efficient sources of energy, a continued transition to renewable sources of energy, and reducing our energy consumption through technological innovation. Unfortunately, those are mostly long-term solutions and won’t help the European continent in the coming months. 

The most practical immediate solution is to make sure our current energy infrastructure is operating at peak capacity. That means limiting downtime, preventing unplanned maintenance, and having access to sophisticated data to make real-time decisions on how to operate assets as efficiently as possible. That is all possible with today’s technology.

Partnering to Make a Global Impact with Robotic Inspection Data

Today, Gecko Robotics and Siemens Energy announced a partnership designed to rapidly roll out that capability across the European continent. 

This three-year partnership is part of Gecko’s commitment to helping governments and essential institutions ensure the availability, reliability, and sustainability of the critical infrastructure the world relies on. In this case, Gecko’s wall-climbing robots, sophisticated sensors, and world-class data platform will combine with Siemens’ industry-leading installed fleet of rotating equipment to provide customers unparalleled access to actionable data across several industries, including manufacturing, power generation, and oil and gas. By coming together, we will significantly increase our ability to help customers unlock new data insights and help achieve a level of reliability and efficiency that was not previously possible.

Gecko Robotics has opened a rapidly expanding Netherlands office with employees stationed locally in the region to partner with Siemens Energy’s European Field Service organization. We are swiftly adding local technical talent to help our European customers ensure their critical assets are reliable and operational. 

Drive Resilience with Infrastructure Reliability

Protecting the world’s infrastructure has never been more crucial. Gecko Robotics’ ultrasonic inspections and data reporting are helping organizations worldwide identify degradation patterns before costly downtime occurs. Through this partnership, Gecko Robotics and Siemens Energy embrace the unique opportunity to play a significant role in conserving the most critical infrastructure by extending asset life cycles for a stronger, more resilient future. 

To learn more about Gecko Robotics’ partnership with Siemens Energy, read the press release.


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