Gecko Robotics Named to CNBC’s 2024 Disruptor 50 List

PITTSBURGH, Pa., May 14, 2024 Gecko Robotics, a pioneer of using advanced robotics and AI-powered software solutions to change how the world understands the health and integrity of the physical world, announced it has been named to the 2024 CNBC Disruptor 50 list

“We built Gecko to solve an existential problem for our world - the lack of data on how to build, operate and maintain the critical assets we rely on every day,” said Jake Loosararian, CEO of Gecko Robotics. “People don’t think about the power plant that supplies our energy, the bridge we commute across, or the factory that supplies thousands of jobs in our communities until things fail. But in 2024, with advances in robotics and AI, things shouldn’t fail. That’s the mission we appreciate CNBC highlighting with this announcement and the goal my 300 colleagues and I wake up every morning excited to work on.”

Gecko’s fleet of robots and fixed sensors use specially designed sensor payloads to build sophisticated digital twins and interactive maps of physical assets. Gecko’s robotic platforms gather high-quality data at 10 times the speed and 1,000 times the granularity of manual data collection methods still in use on many of the world’s most critical assets. Gecko’s software platform, Cantilever, integrates the collected data with other data layers to enable insights that optimize performance, prevent downtime and extend the service life of critical assets. Gecko’s end-to-end solutions are deployed around the world and across industries ranging from energy and manufacturing to maritime and national defense. 

This recognition comes on the heels of recent Gecko milestones, including a multi-year, $30 million contract with ADNOC Gas; scientific studies showing Gecko’s technology can reduce carbon emissions; the launch of Cantilever, the company’s AI-powered software asset management platform; a $173M Series C total raise; and strategic partnerships with the U.S. Navy

The annual CNBC Disruptor 50 list showcases today's most forward-thinking and ambitious companies leading the way in innovation and industry transformation. Each submission underwent a thorough evaluation process, incorporating extensive research and analysis based on quantitative and qualitative metrics. Input from CNBC's editorial team and a diverse panel of entrepreneurial experts further informed the selection process. 

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About Gecko Robotics

Gecko Robotics helps the world's most important organizations build, operate and maintain their most critical physical assets. Gecko's robots capture integrity data at previously unheard-of scale and fidelity, climbing pipelines, boilers, tanks, ship hulls, and much more. Gecko's AI-powered software platform, Cantilever, contextualizes that data and translates it into action. By bringing together data layers that were not previously possible, Cantilever is driving important decisions for customers that increase uptime, decrease costs, and eliminate safety issues.